Wе Made Crypto Currency as Convenient as Cash

EXPi solutions allows you to benefit from using virtual currency in everyday life, in business applications and investment activity. Whether you are seeking an alternative way to store your funds privately or transfer funds to others at a cheaper rates than traditional banks and providers allow you to, or you willing to buy and sell cryptocurrency to earn as investor – we have a solution for you.

Free Crypto Wallet

EXPi Wallet is connected to EXPi Exchange where you can exchange virtual currency and perform trading operations in virtual currency exchange market. You can store your funds in virtual currency in EXPi Wallet instead of bank account using our EUPi Stable coin that has a fixed value in Euro. You can also send and receive EUPi stable coin and other virtual currency to other people at their EXPi.

EXPi Wallet is built on a licensed RC20 blockchain and combined with 2-step account verification provides highly secure storage solution. However, if you prefer you can also use your other external blockchain wallets as your main storage of your virtual currency funds and use EXPi Wallet for convinient cashing-in and out, cheap transactions and exchange operations.

Crypto Exchange

EXPi is a licensed digital currency processing platform was established in year 2018. EXPi platrofm allows clients to trade cryptocurrencies and make financial transactions using our volatility protected EuPi stablecoin. Exchange and transactions are carried out using our own software, built on the basis of classical financial institutes technologies.

EXPi is a cryptocurrency exchange with two-stage verification and “cold wallet” technology for businesses and individuals who need to receive and send transactions in BTC, ETH, SWIFT and SEPA.

Inside your EXPi account you have internal EXPi Wallet that securely stores your virtual currency funds. When you bind your EXPi Wallet with your debit or credit cards, bank accounts and your other blockchain wallets you are able to add and withdraw funds in the most convinient way for you and benefit from using virtual currency for different applications of your everyday life.

EUPi Stable coin

EUPi is a solution that allows our customers to use virtual currency for many applications without worrying about unpredictable changes in its price and serve as a store of value for their funds in a private and highly secure manner of decentralized cryptocurrency.

EUPi is a stable coin – a cryptocurrency that does not have price volatiliy as other free-floating cryptocurrencies on the exchange markets. Instead, the price of EUPi stable coin is provided by the Euro currency and the value of the 1 EUPi is always equal to 1 Euro. We physically store the amount of the Euro currency equal to the volume of EUPi in circulation on a special secure bank account. Thus, when you want to sell EUPi stable coin, you always get same amount of Euro for it.

You can use EUPi stablecoin to store your funds privately and securely, to buy other cryptocurrency or send funds to other person instead of using bank account at a significantly lower cost than fees bank or other traditional provider would apply.

Start using benefits of crypto now!

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Risk Awareness

Cryptocurrency is a digital representation of value that functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, or a store of value, but their value is completely derived by market forces of supply and demand, and they are more volatile than traditional currencies. Trading or holding funds in cryptocurrencies comes with significant risks, including volatile market price swings or flash crashes, market manipulation. Use EUPi stable coin to secure your funds from market volatility.