Popular Portuguese Tech Publication Starts Investing in Cryptocurrencies
Popular Portuguese Tech Publication Starts Investing in Cryptocurrencies
XBT/USD: $ 7878.9
XBT/EUR: € 7045.6
ADA/USD: $ 0.080885
ADA/EUR: € 0.072174
BCH/USD: $ 405.2
BCH/EUR: € 363.4
EOS/USD: $ 6.0339
EOS/EUR: € 5.3935
ETH/USD: $ 245.67
ETH/EUR: € 219.87
LTC/USD: $ 89
LTC/EUR: € 79.72
XLM/USD: $ 0.125
XLM/EUR: € 0.112015
XRP/USD: $ 0.38013
XRP/EUR: € 0.34155
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A popular Portuguese tech publication, Pplware, recently started investing in cryptocurrency, after asking its readers for feedback on which tokens it should buy.

The publication made its move now, as it argues the ecosystem is now more stable than what it was in late 2017, when most cryptocurrencies hit a new all-time high, and subsequently started dropping.

Pplware, one of the most popular tech-related publications in the country, revealed that it’ll invest in cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis, and started this week’s investments with a €30 ($35.9) budget. It’s planning on sharing its experience with its audience, while helping its readers learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

In an article announcing its move, it explained its goals (roughly translated):

“The objective, of course, will be the investment’s possible profitability, to understand the technologies that support this still largely unknown reality.”

The publication’s team used Coinbase to buy Bitcoin using Euros. The €30 it invested got them 0.0037 BTC, bought at €7,710.53 per coin. The funds were then sent to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Pplware split its BTC and bought two cryptocurrencies, ICON and Cardano.:

“Based on our research and reader feedback, we found it profitable to invest in Cardano (ADA) and ICON (ICX). They are decentralized third-generation cryptocurrencies, Blockchain 3.0, with good arguments to increase their value and be relevant in the future.”

The investment got the publication 44 ADA tokens, and 3.84 ICX. The funds weren’t then transferred out of the cryptocurrency exchange, as the publication argued it would sell them within a short period of time and wanted to avoid paying additional fees.

More information: www.ccn.com