Even Joe Lubin Couldn't Stop 'Dr Doom' Roubini from Trashing Crypto
Even Joe Lubin Couldn't Stop 'Dr Doom' Roubini from Trashing Crypto
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Nouriel Roubini was in full attack mode in his latest crypto debate.

"The entire crypto land is more unequal in terms of income and wealth than North Korea," he said Wednesday afternoon, and the jabs didn't stop there, with the former Clinton administration economist, better known as "Dr. Doom" for his prediction of the 2008 financial collapse, taking his criticism of all things crypto to new levels.

Still, this was perhaps to be expected. After antics onstage at the Milken Institute Global Conference earned him headlines, the organizers of the Fluidity Summit invited Roubini to go toe-to-toe with ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, with Roubini playing the bear to Lubin's bull.

Long a cryptocurrency basher, Roubini didn't make a different case this time, though his arguments were perhaps distinguished by their breadth and energy. (The moderator, former COMEX Chair Donna Redel, even went so far as to use a whistle on him at one point to rein in the conversation).

Alleging various miners, exchanges and cryptocurrencies have cultish followings, Roubini argued against the idea cryptocurrencies are decentralized, positing that these groups tend to have significant sway over the development direction a protocol takes.

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