Binance was hacked but the bullish market hardly even noticed.
Binance was hacked but the bullish market hardly even noticed.
XBT/USD: $ 7878.9
XBT/EUR: € 7045.6
ADA/USD: $ 0.080885
ADA/EUR: € 0.07218
BCH/USD: $ 405.2
BCH/EUR: € 363.5
EOS/USD: $ 6.0339
EOS/EUR: € 5.3935
ETH/USD: $ 245.67
ETH/EUR: € 219.87
LTC/USD: $ 89
LTC/EUR: € 79.72
XLM/USD: $ 0.125
XLM/EUR: € 0.112015
XRP/USD: $ 0.38013
XRP/EUR: € 0.34155
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Bitcoin and most altcoins lose in value. The total capitalization of digital coins fell by $ 3 billion overnight.

Just yesterday, most of the largest coins in terms of capitalization were in the green zone. After news of the hacker attack on the Binance Stock Exchange, cryptocurrencies began to fall in price, but apparently it is only a small temporary correction. Bitcoin per day dropped by 0.74% to $ 5,890. Ethereum fell by 3.77%, now it is trading at $ 170. XRP was down 1.59%, to $ 0.29. Bitcoin Cash fell by 2.89%, to $ 285.

The capitalization of the crypto market on the evening of May 7 reached $ 188 billion, at night this figure dropped to $ 182 billion, by morning the situation began to recover. Now the capitalization of all coins reaches $ 185 billion.

The news of the hacking of the largest exchange excited the crypto community. Many people in the digital industry began to offer financial assistance to Binance, and Tron’s CEO Justin San was among the first. He offered the developers a donation of 7000 BTC (this amount was removed by the attackers from the platform).

However, the head of Binance Changphen Zhao refused from such help. He stated that they had enough money to pay the losses and thanked everyone for their assistance.

In general, despite the rather significant scale of this unpleasant situation, the market’s reaction makes it possible to talk about investor confidence both in the continuation of a steady trend for growth and in that Binance can solve this problem and protect their customers.


Alex Zaskalov
Ex Pi